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If you are a student with a query regarding your course, you will need to contact your RTO / Training Organisation directly. aXcelerate are unable to provide assistance (such as course information or password resets) to students.

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    Priority Guide as per our Terms of Use


    An issue is minor in nature if it is not significantly impacting your ability to conduct Your business and your customer service/business operation is not being materially impacted. An issue is also classified as minor if it is only affecting a single user and the work that they perform and/or is only affecting some of the functionality that they use in the course of their job.


    An issue is classified as normal if it is moderately impacting your business with some functionality of the system being affected or if an issue is affecting some users and their ability to do some productive work in some part(s) of the system. If a temporary workaround can be implemented until the issue can be resolved it should be a normal priority.


    An issue should be a high priorty if it is affecting a part of the system that you use a significant part of the time to manage Your business or if the issue is significantly affecting your ability to deliver effective customer service to Your customers.


    An urgent issue is one that affects the functionality of the entire aXcelerate application or if the issue significantly impacts your business due to not being able to use the application (e.g. server outage.)