Candidates ability to download own certificate from portal




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    Mark Gilmore

    Hi Renee

    The challenge we face is that Certificates can always be edited - whether it's via photoshop, a PDF editor or simply recreating the template within a Microsoft Word document. We highly recommend adding QR codes to your Certificates to ensure that they can be verified and validated.

    You can read more and watch a video about how to do that in the following help article:

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  • Pip Austin

    There is the option to turn off the setting for certificates to be available in the Learner portal as well.

    We added QR codes to our certs, it is great, we also don't allow certs to be downloaded in our portal so we can make sure they are not accessed by accident.

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  • Renee Harrison

    Thanks Pip for replying and letting me know you can turn off the option for candidates to be able to download their own certificates.

    Thanks aXcelerate for the QR code info - have added that to our certificates and it works well.  Cheers 

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