Move created modules up or down in the learning plan



  • Martin Jones

    HI Jaye, My experience is that after a Learning Plan is published and has intakes (class) attached you can't alter order.

    I agree this would be useful regardless of Learning Plan status.

    Currently you have to make a new LP.

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  • Pip Austin

    I believe Martin is correct, we don't seem to be able to adjust the module order once the LP has enrolments in it.

    We have trialled it for an external course where we enrol students in one unit at a time and we just enrol the student in the relevant LP module one at a time as well and removed the setting on the plan that modules had to be completed in a certain order. 

    This is probably not what you are after but just an example of something we tried.

    It would be fantastic if you could adjust the module order after there are enrolments instead of having to create a whole new LP.

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