Allow the option to set multi short answer response boxes as 'required' or 'not required' so realistic online forms can be created within the system without needing forms to be downloaded then uploaded.

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    Julian Tetsworth

    Hey Everyone,

    We've added optional response support Multi Short Answer Questions which will be in our next release on the 11th of August. This will make it so students do not have to provide anything for that response area to move on to the next question. You'll be able to enable this setting when editing a Multi Short Answer response area while authoring an Assessment. You can read the full release notes here.



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  • Kennard Ruslim


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  • Liz Pilkington

    This is a great idea Pip - you have also raised an issue that I had not fully considered, regarding the inability to submit an assessment without a completed multi-response field entry. We have also created forms in aXcelerate using this feature, and included multiple rows in some cases to account for the variations in 'what needs to be recorded' on the form. It has now occurred to me that students might only require 3 out of 15 rows to enter data and this will be annoying if they have to add an X to all the rows that are not in use. 



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  • Wes Manuta

    Good morning all

    This functionality is certainly on our list of planned improvements, however, as is the case for many great ideas from this forum, we are constrained by When rather than If.

    At this point, our prior commitments must be completed before we can schedule this task for development.

    As we progress though, we will keep this post updated with the status of the task.

    Thank you for your feedback.


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  • Ash Singleton

    This is a great idea Pip .
    Would be awesome for things like SMWS/Permits etc 

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  • Pip Austin

    Thanks for the update Julian! :)

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