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    Julian Tetsworth

    We appreciate all of your feedback. For context, this change was made to address some feedback we received as part of our ongoing efforts to improve efficiencies in the system.

    This was not intended to have the adverse effect of making viewing workshops more difficult and we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

    We will be adjusting this behaviour to make clicking the name open the workshop directly - as it did previously - but allow a separate method for updating the workshop details to make both actions as easy as possible without conflicting with each other.

    We are also working on a follow-up improvement to support quick editing of complex date sessions from the Calendar. We will continue to look into supporting other workshop actions from the calendar (such as quick enrolment) and improve your day-to-day experience in any way we can. 



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  • Pip Austin

    100% agree, this update was not necessary.

    I wish to open/view a workshop from the calendar 90% more of the time than I ever wish to update it from the calendar.

    PLEASE change it back!!!

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  • Steve Hayes

    Also 100% agree.

    Why introduce another step, without any warning or explanation of why. 

    So unless there is a valid reason, Please Reverse ASAP 

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  • Maddy Campbell

    I agree it should be changed back - not necessary and makes opening up workshops more difficult.

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  • Emilie Donovan

    I want to express my concern with the new functionality implemented where you can now directly edit workshop information through the calendar. We have already encountered issues with this functionality, where you can easily change the course date, location, trainer etc, without any warning.

    In my opinion, this should not be an easy change. All of our workshops are live on our website, and changing the course information is not a priority for us from the calendar. It has also now created an additional step when enrolling participants into a workshop, as you now have to click view workshop before enrolment can be made.

    What would have been a fantastic improvement would be to click on the workshop and enrol someone from the calendar view; that would have been more valuable than changing the workshop information.

    We have new staff commencing soon, and at this stage, I will not be advising them to use the calendar view due to the uncontrolled changes allowed.

    I understand that you may have made this change based on feedback from other training organisations; however, I wanted to ensure our view was also put forward.

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  • Paul Deverix

    Please change back. Even our trainers cannot view courses correctly. 

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  • Mitch Irag

    Agree with everyone. Please change it back. It's like 2 clicks to open a workshop when it's only one. So unnecessary and if it allows users to change the workshop, it's going to be a disaster in waiting if Reps unconsciously update the workshop without permission. Especially newbies.


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  • Julian Tetsworth

    We will be reverting this change at the beginning of next week so clicking the workshop name in the calendar will once again direct you to the Workshop view page. This will be an interim solution while we implement a better method for updating workshops from the calendar in a way that is less obtrusive to viewing workshops.

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