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  • Izaac Gibson

    Hi Belinda,

    Thank you for your post. In Axcelerate under Contacts>Search Contacts, you can use this tool to filter your searches by Name, DOB, USI, Organisation, City, State, Postcode, Email Address & Phone Number.

    Here is our Contact Management Learning Article which goes into more detail about this feature.

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  • Ange Harragon

    Belinda, do you mean from the search box in the top right hand corner? We have already posted an idea to be able to search for DOB at top right hand search box.


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  • Ash Singleton

    Agree Belinda. 
    Going into the contacts>search clients is additional steps 
    Ability to search by email or DOB from the search bar at the top would be so much better. 

    @Izaac - aware you can do this from the contact section, but its additional clicks, steps etc

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