Add option to Bulk Update Trainer on class/cohort/intake/group



  • Matthew Bremner

    Hi Pip,

    I hope i might be able to help.

    When we move a student from a workshop, aXcelerate has has the checkboxes ticked for us to:

    - Sync Activity Start/End Dates

    - Sync Dates

    - Sync Assessors


    In terms of bulk updating an assessor, do you not have the ability to click on the class link and click bulk update assessment details?



    From here, you will be able to bulk update all students with the assessor that you want. We don't have to do this as our checkboxes are ticked from the start but i hope this helps:





    Matt Bremner

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  • Pip Austin

    Thanks Matt! :) We have that box too and we tick it but it is not updating the trainer on the student's class enrolment.

    I feel like it used to update it but perhaps a recent update is causing this field to no longer sync correctly for us.

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