Qualification "Optional ID" not visible in other areas




  • Mark Gilmore

    Hi Andrew


    We'd recommend using the Qualification Streams feature for the use case you're describing. That does appear throughout the system. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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  • Andrew Read

    Hey Mark, thanks for the suggestions but we currently (when applicable) use the streams field for the offical Stream or Job Role on qualifications we deliver.

    We are extremely happy with the recent changes aXc made (adding the optional ID and Version ID fields), this allowed us to stop using that field for anything other than streams and job roles.

    We want to avoid putting our internal identification labels in the Stream filed because entering it will have an impact (if ticked) on the ASQA AQF qualification requirements. We cant have our internal ID showing up on our next to the qualification code and name on certificates with job roles or streams. 

    Thanks again

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