In House Workshops - Duplicates



  • Tom Clark

    Alternatively, the booking form for public short courses has come a long way, allowing us to add existing contacts, but also allowing us to add new contacts when we find students not already in aXcelerate, thus letting us book multiple students, either new or existing, at once.

    Would it be an option to migrate the In House bookings onto the same system?

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  • Ange Harragon

    Hi Tomos, we have a ticket currently in the system for that very request and reason. We love the public booking screen but have limited the use of the In-house function for now. We have found that if we have an in-house workshop, we could change it to public and then book students and then change it back to In-house to reduce the risk of overwriting in lowercase or creating more duplicates.

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  • Mark Gilmore

    Hi team

    We have a complete refresh for the In-House workshop booking form planned for the future. I will pass this feedback along to that project as well.

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