Learning Plans text only modules issue




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    Sam Mackay

    Hi James,

    Thank you for the feedback. We're going to be making some improvements to the way 'content only' modules are handled within Learning Plans in the near future. At this stage, our solution will likely be to require learners to acknowledge they've read/viewed the content before being able to proceed.

    This will likely take the form of a button at the bottom of the module and will be an optional setting configured by authors for only the relevant modules. 



    aXcelerate Lead Product Designer

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  • James Hickey

    Hi Sam,

    Do you have a rough timeframe for this? It is the one thing holding us back from rolling out Learning Plans on all courses.

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  • Sam Mackay

    Hi James

    This feature is being worked on at the moment so assuming there are no issues, it will be in our release on the 17th of November. I'm hoping your roll-out goes well and thank you for the feedback posts you've left so far.

    - Sam 

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