Changing qualifications in learning plans. Clone the LP and change the qualification is a feature we need instead of copy and paste




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    Sam Mackay

    Hi Renee,

    I can definitely understand your frustration with the current duplication method. Fortunately, we already have an improvement in the works to allow you to change qualifications when you duplicate a Learning Plan. This should add a lot more flexibility and allow users to more easily reuse Learning Plan content for multiple Qualifications.

    Although this can change, it looks like this feature will be in the next release on the 6th of October. When this is available, you will be able to use the new duplicate method to move your existing Learning Plan to the correct qualification. 



    aXcelerate Lead Product Designer

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  • Renee Harrison

    Thanks Sam for the update - that is great news

    I am not sure if you have seen the other posts about this - it would be good to also be able to import one LP into another as well - there is a forum post about this from other customers of aXcelerate - cheers 

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  • Sam Mackay

    Hi Renee,

    We are very keen on the idea of allowing users to re-use Modules between Learning Plans to reduce development time and keep things consistent. We'll be working on a few improvements in this area over the next month or so.

    We have new improvements being released for Learning Plans, Assessments and the Learner Portal every two weeks so make sure to keep an eye on the release notes area.

    Release Notes Area


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