PROPOSED CHANGES to New Login Method



  • Mark Gilmore

    Hi Matthew

    Thank you for your suggestions. To address your use case you have included at the bottom of your post:

    Do you find that participants who log out of their learner portal use the 'Create your Learner Portal Link' to log back in? This causes a heap of issues from our end.

    We plan to direct learners to this new page if they re-use a link that has been sent to them. Do you feel this would adequately address this behaviour?

    In general, we want to make the login experience as smooth and as user-friendly as possible. In order to do this, we need to really understand the behaviours your students are making that is causing them to become unstuck.

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  • Mark Gilmore

    Just to add on to my previous comment, it may be worth modifying your New User invite template to include a link to the learner portal, as below.

    You can download the source code for the template here.

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  • Matthew Bremner

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    The above is not the worst idea at all, however, if someone clicks their invite link and navigates away from the page without setting up their account, what would happen if they click on the link again? Will it show them that screen?

    In regards to your 2nd post, we have actually done something similar today so hopefully that alleviates most of the problems!

    What are your initial thoughts to my proposed wording & format changes? The wording 'Continue' suggests to me that you have already set up an account, when in fact at this stage you need to 'Create' your account.


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  • Pip Austin

    Hi, I agree some of the language and formatting Matthew has suggested could make it a little easier for someone who has never seen the screen before and is not super tech-savvy might better navigate the process. I notice the new page says 'axcelerate account', but sometimes it is referred to as 'global account'. It is really the people who are not the best with computers or technology that are struggling the most with setting up their login process.

    Mark, that new page when a user has already set up their account would be good. We include a link to the learner portal already but it is likely that students are trying to access the portal from the creation link and getting confused because they already created an account. Enlarging the 'Already have an account, sign in here' would be really good too.

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