Can aXcelerate create a Login Experience help video which shows full method using email or phone + verification



  • Adrian Date

    Hi Pip,

    Just so you know we have worked with aXcelerate and found a way of assisting students to create an account ourselves. 

    go to the students contact record > Actions > Update User Record > Send New Login Invite > Enter your Email Address > Send.

    Then, once you receive the email, click on the link and then select the login method the student would like to use > Enter the details > Submit.  You need to use an incognito browser and ideally a totally different browser

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  • Pip Austin

    Thanks, Adrian, I saw your comment on Mark's idea and we are going to give it a go.

    We have a lot of people having trouble with the process of creating with email and mobile, a video that steps them through this would be helpful, I believe all RTO's that use aXcelerate would find it useful.

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