Remove "username" from the new Login page, since Usernames can no longer be used this is confusing students who previously had access



  • Rod Staines

    Hi Pip,

    Thank you for your suggestion. For the time being, users will still have a 'username' until they migrate their accounts. Eventually, we will remove the word 'username' when the majority of users have migrated.


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  • Matthew Bremner

    Hi Pip, I actually like this idea as well. I understand what Rod is saying but our returning participants don't recall their username or password. 

    We are however a First Aid/CPR company so users only come to us once a year, could be very different for other RTO'S.

    Pip, i see you post on here all the time and I'm very appreciative of that. Can you have a look at my recent suggestion and let me know your thoughts?

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  • Adrian Date

    Totally agree Pip and Matthew, like you, our students come once a year typically and as such don't remember what they used in the past so having wording "username" when they have never been given username simply confuses the situation and results in students getting to their one day workshop without being able to log in....

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  • Rod Staines

    Hi Adrian and Matthew,

    We recently made an update to some template fields, so for situations where you have a returning student, you can include their user login information in booking confirmations. It would look something like this:

    "Sign in with Google (" or "Sign in with your mobile number (+614******22)"

    Here is the snippet from our release notes:

    Sending a template that contains the fields [User Login Access Link] and [User Login Access Link Text] will automatically generate user records for learners (if they didn't exist previously). This allows user access details to be included in booking confirmations (and thus, Automated Workflow tasks). The access details will consistently work for all users (whether they do or do not exist as users, as well as whether they have migrated their account or not).

    If you need any assistance or have any questions, please reach out to our support team.

    Thank you again for your comments and commitment to aXcelerate and the aXcelerate user community through your posts.


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  • Pip Austin

    Thanks All.

    I found the username field confusing but I have decided to refer to the method they used to create their login as the username, i.e Your email or mobile that you used to create your account is now your Username to sign in.


    I used the field Rod is referring to in the new login invite email like this.

    The field alters depending on their status or the method they use to log in.

    Because of the language that appears in the changeable (dynamic) field, I felt I had to try to explain it to the receiver like so:


    The status of your Global Account is currently:
    [User Login Access Link Text]
    If the status is 'Sign in with......' this is the method you used to create your account, you can click the Create your aXcelerate account link above to log in using your existing sign-in method. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it from the login page.
    If the status is pending or says create an account, then you need to use the Create your aXcelerate account link above to set up your Global Account Login.

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