Categorising Assessments



  • Pip Austin

    I'd also like to see more categorising available. I've had to add 'student submission' or 'trainer only submission' to my assessment type descriptions but I can't include that field in a report.

    The workflows around online assessments are also seriously lacking!!

    Can only add one automatic email to go to all students when they get a 'try again' status because of the limited conditions that can be added.

    We need more flexibility and the warehouse reports + triggers don't allow for this.

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  • AUS-MEAT Training Admin

    It would be helpful if we could great folders within Assessment Management and even being able to manually adjust the column width so you can read the full name as we have A, B, C, D versions of one exam.  I can't shorten the name any more than I have without losing context.

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  • Mark Costello

    Folders or categories for assessments is definitely needed.

    Also a search function that actually works, the current 'search assessments' doesn't even find exact matches.

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