Calendar event colours based on specific events not workshop types




  • Mason Smith

    I think you can do this in System Settings > Additional Options?

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  • Mark Gilmore

    Hi Mason & Adrian

    You're correct Mason. You can do this via System Settings -> Additional Options. Further, under the Settings menu item, there are "Training Categories". These can be setup to further customise course colours within the calendar.



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  • Tom Clark

    I might just plug my post here:

    As mentioned above, you can create training categories based on workshop types or qualifications. It would be good if this could be expanded on so you could use the colour feature for more criteria.

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  • Adrian Date

    no sorry, that doesn't work. You can select colours for workshop types but you cannot individually select colours for individual events - as far as I can see and "support" has said.  

    I want / really need to be able to adjust the colours in the calendar on an event by event basis - eg be able to over-ride the default set colours for each event in the calendar

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  • Ash Singleton

    Would love to be able to pick what colour at the calendar point. Currently we colour code per Training Room in use (in another document and don't use aX), so the same workshop could be many colours depending on the location. 
    Being able to code colours like Outlook on that calendar screen would be awesome! :) 


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