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    Mark Gilmore

    Hi Charlotte

    Thank you for your suggestion. Whilst it is not currently possible to use the action "Send Workshop SMS" for Complex dates, you can actually achieve the behaviour you're looking for by using the "Send Contact SMS" action, combined with a Trigger Type of "Report Row Event".

    You can watch the following video to learn about Schedules (3:42 min). Unfortunately our SHOT video on how to use Report Row Event as a trigger will not be available until next month, so you may have to watch the following video on how to Setup a refresher reminder email for expiring units (4:02 min) which may provide some insight into how that trigger type works.

    Following this, you may be able to adapt the functionality using the Workshop Complex Date report.

    If you're struggling with this at all, please feel free to contact our Help Desk, and one of our support staff will be able to assist in setting this up.

    Kind Regards

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