Staff List dashboard widget



  • Mark Gilmore

    Hi Tomos

    We're currently investigating adding tables as a visualisation type for the aXcelerate Dashboard (based off a saved report). 

    We'd be interested to hear other users' thoughts on this addition.


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  • Ashley Kalz

    Definitely interested in table display for the dashboard report widget, some areas that come to mind immediately that we'd likely use:

    • Online bookings (extra useful on multi-domain accounts where notifications go to one central email address)
    • As an access point for outstanding invoices etc.


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  • Pip Austin

    I'd be very keen to see the ability to add tables to the dashboard as a widget from a report.

    As some reports don't support charts and some data doesn't suit a chart either.

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  • Mary Lia

    We'd be very keen to be able to see table display option for dashboard report widget too.  We have some reports that don't convert to charts (due to limitations in the chart options) but would be very handy to have on various staff dashboard pages.

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