Survey Graduates not possible


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  • Calvin Young

    There is a way. It might be a little complex and a few steps involved but it works. Here's a rough overview:

    1. Set up your aXcelerate survey and get the access point for the survey.
    2. Create a template that you want to send to the students with a link to access point for the survey. In the source code at the end of the access point you'll see some text that ends in "cid=0" replace "0" with "[Trainee Contact ID]".
    3. Create a class enrolments report to identify all of the students you want to send the survey to. You might consider using the enrolment status and actual completion date filter to determine students who have finished the course in a given time frame. In your case you would also use the filter "num of current enrolments" equal to zero to ensure that the students were not enrolled in any other current courses.
    4. Create a report row event workflow action to send the template you created to each person identified in the report. Make sure the "max every" field has an appropriate number in it to ensure students don't receive more than one email in a given period of time (useful if they have completed more than one course with you).

    All the best

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