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    Mark Gilmore

    Hi Ben

    You can use [Booking Comments] (found in the Workshop Booking Details accordion) to pull this field into a template.

    Let me know if I can assist further!

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  • Ben Kirkness

    Hi mark

    Tried that one, doesn't really work as expected. I have attached a redacted picture to try and illustrate my point.

    The issue is we have a custom template that will pull fields relating to the students and their enrolment to a workshop. What the template ends up doing is printing 1 page for every student enrolled, where as we only require 1 page with all the student names. To achieve the one page we just leave one person ticked in the "check / uncheck all" column and that does the trick. HOWEVER - the field [Booking Comments] has an odd behaviour that it repeats the booking comments for a single student to all the students on that page, and then if you had a second page, the booking comment for the second student appear all down that page and so on. Where as every other field we are pulling in is specific for that student regardless of the page you look at.

    I hope that with the attached picture and this description that this makes sense.

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  • Mark Gilmore

    Hi Ben

    I can't really make sense of this from your picture, so I'll create a support request for the team to follow-up in the new year. 

    Have a great Christmas!

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