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    Mark Gilmore

    Hi Adrian

    This is something we are aware of; in fact, the development work required has already been completed, it is simply awaiting code review before our Quality Assurance team get cracking on it.

    We hope to have it in the release after next (three weeks from now).

    Thank you for your patience

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  • Rod Staines

    Hi Adrian,

    Mark is correct, we actually have a task in progress at the moment for this functionality.

    If a student was enrolled in Workshop A and needs to be moved to Workshop B, should their enrolment and assessments be the same dates/assessors as all other students in Workshop B?

    We also then have to consider what to do when the student has already completed or commenced some of the assessments in Workshop A... this is where the complexity comes in.

    We're thinking that if the assessment has a status 'Submitted' or greater (Submitted, Marked etc) we could leave the dates alone. Unless the status was 'Try Again', then you may want to update the dates to allow further access and perhaps change the assessor?

    Another consideration is when you're moving a student into a Workshop where the dates are prior to the original Workshop. Perhaps these dates are also in the past?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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  • Ash Singleton

    Is there an update on this yet? 

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