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  • Wes Manuta

    Hi Mardi

    Here is an excerpt from our Release Notes - 3rd June 2020 which I believe meets your requested functionality:

    AX-10290 - We have removed the restriction for the build on attempts option so that this is now available for all Assessment Types. Note that any score on an item will cause that item to be copied to the new attempt. Students will be able to edit these submissions unless they received full marks, in which case it will be locked.

    This release will be in the Production environment this evening. Please contact us for assistance if you have further questions.

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  • Mardi Riley

    Hi Wes

    I have checked the system since the release and it doesn't meet my requested functionality.

    I meant when students have answered a questions and moved onto the next question the previous question/s is highlighted somehow to indicate that is has an answer entered against it. It would a visual indicator for the student as they progress through.


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  • Rod Staines

    Hi Mardi,

    Please accept our apologies, I think Wes may have misunderstood your suggestion.

    Could you please confirm that you are referring to the below section? You may notice there's a slight difference in background colour on the first three questions (answered) than the last three questions (yet to answer).

    If this is the area you're referring to, we can implement some changes to better highlight that questions have been answered. Perhaps a darker shade for those that have been answered and a stronger font-weight for the questions yet to be answered? 

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