Payment method - Afterpay



  • Rod Staines

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your submission and suggestion. 

    I am interested to hear what the aXcelerate community think of an Afterpay integration.

    I can tell you that our team do not currently have any plans for an Afterpay integration.

    Kind regards,

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  • Calvin Young

    Jeff makes some very valuable points. Afterpay would be so much easier than managing payment plans.

    My only consideration is that Afterpay spending limits might be lower than the majority of full courses unless there were some strategies to address that.

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  • Jeff Lamb

    Hi Calvin, the Afterpay spending limit for existing customers is determined by an individuals payment history, and their repayment method. Customers new or old, however, who choose to link a credit card as their default payment method are offered a higher limit - I believe this to be from $500, up to $1500. We are having such success with being able to offer the Afterpay solution, we no longer have a need to offer eway based 'conventional' payment plans.

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