Learner Portal and Portfolio Checklists



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    Jacob Lehr

    Hi Estelle/Calvin,

    Thanks for your feedback on this - we do have some plans to implement portfolio items in the new Learner Portal, and we are thinking that this should be a system where you can specify a checklist against a course / course type and the student will then be required to upload those items.

    Although I don't have any exact dates on the scheduling of this, I will be sure to let you know once we have some concrete plans for this feature!

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  • Calvin Young

    Add permission only though please. I don't think update or delete functionality would be wise as they could remove the evidence that we're required to keep.

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  • Mary Lia

    Agree - would be great to have students upload their own entry evidence to a portfolio checklist when they apply to enrol.
    Even better, would be if we could add other portfolio checklists for them to 'build their evidence' as they progress through their course - for example professional experience / work placements - where they need to submit items not required at enrolment - such as police certificate, immunisation evidence, hand hygiene certificates etc.  Would save our staff a lot of time chasing them and taking copies / uploading to student files.

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  • Michelle Hall

    How is this going?  There was an Add Qualification button in the old learner portal (I have only just transitioned).

    This is something I found very beneficial as our students all need to submit ID and many pre-requisite certificates.

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  • Rod Staines

    Hi Michelle,

    We still do not have any concrete dates to provide you, however, this is definitely something the team want to implement soon.


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