Request to add the 'transaction ref' field to the Invoice Line Items report and the Credit Note Line Items report




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    Michael Ryan

    Hi Katie,

    Adding an additional field to a report is usually straightforward and in some cases more difficult.

    We will review what is required here and we'll implement this if it does not require much effort. 

    Just to clarify your comments: Any transaction field will only be unique to an invoice line item if there is one item on the invoice. 

    More than one item, or, more than one payment against an invoice will result in transaction values appearing several times on some reports.

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  • Katie Campbell

    Hi Michael,

    We were under the impression that the 'Transaction Ref' field was unique to each invoice/credit note line item.

    SST exports invoices and credit notes monthly via the MYOB export tool. The export files are opened in excel with each row in the spreadsheet representing a line item of an Invoice/ Credit Note. The Transaction Ref (column BE for invoices, column Z for credit notes) seems to be unique to each row regardless of payments applied.

    Please let me know if you require copies of our reports.

    kind regards 

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  • Michael Ryan

    Coming in the second release in April 2020 will be new Unique ID fields for invoice line items and credit note line items in the report builder.

    We have also added the "Transaction Ref" field to the Transactions with Line Items report

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  • Jacob Lehr

    Hi all,

    Just a courtesy message to let you know that this is still due to be released next Wednesday 22nd as per Michael's previous messages. You can find the details in our Release Notes:

    Hopefully this helps out with your reporting needs!

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