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    Mark Gilmore

    Hi Tony

    Although your post in the Ideas forum is a little older, we have recently released an update which has put the "Learning To Do" tab in front of the "Assessments To Do" tab.

    Additionally, we have also moved the Learning tab above the assessments tab on the Course View page.

    Further, we are investigating the ability to "lock" assessments behind learning content and other assessments, which should aid in setting up a logical assessment progression for students.

    Thank you once again for your suggestion,

    Kind Regards


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  • Rod Staines

    Hi Tony,

    Thank you very much for your feedback on our new Learner Portal. During this initial phase of release, we're accepting feedback directly into this form. Although you have posted here, we've seen your feedback and our product team are already discussing.

    I encourage any further clients or users to provide feedback directly into the above form.

    Thanks again.

    Kind regards,

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