Receipt Number Generation - Improvement to Interface



  • Gayle Brimble

    Receipt Numbers should not be able to be duplicated and should be sequential. 

    A free field text box allows a business with 100+ employees across the country and not located at the same venue (given they have permission to record payments and receipts) ives them all the ability to just pick any receipt reference, be it Numerical, Alphabetical or a combination, without the central management having any control over it. Specifically dangerous in creating duplicate receipt numbers. 

    Having a similar set up to invoice and credit note would systemise and take human decision making out of the process. This makes it enormously easier to manage and report on. 

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  • Chloe Wilson

    Agreed. A free text box allows for many errors and discrepancies with receipt numbers that can impact reporting. Improving this interface so the free text field can be removed will allow no human error and everything to be consistent. 

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