Student Declaration/electronic/secure digital signatures



  • Katherine Ellis

    I agree! I think these features would be great!

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  • Christine Jones

    Great idea Kylie! All would be extremely useful for us.

    Thanks for suggesting :)

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  • Amber Ledgerwood

    I agree, thank you for suggesting. 

    I was about to log a similar idea regarding Electronic Signatures, they may be best if they are linked into the same by aXcelerate Team. I will but my additions here. 

    We believe that electronic Signatures is a major requirement with the "tech" friend environment now. 

    Our Online Enrolment Form - students sign and agree to their terms & conditions, however this only displayss in a "Note" . We have built a temporary "Enrolment Form" that the student will receive once they are confirmed by our team, that sends them all of their Avetmiss Details, their Course they've enrolled into etc. however we cannot attach the signature that they have provided - all we can do is copy the IP address that they originally used. We are hopeful that this can be a "tile" that can be added to our Templates and sent to our students. 

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  • Chloe Wilson

    Agreed, these features would be extremely beneficial and used daily if implemented, especially the electronic signature!!

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