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    Wes Manuta

    Hi Emma

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    We have had conflicting points of view raised around this topic in the context of the new Learner Portal development. 

    Could you outline a reasonable use case for this functionality please?

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  • Sarah Chezick

    I agree - we have had this exact issue today with students all stressed out for no reason.

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  • Emma Lander

    I am not sure what you would like me to write beyond what I have said above.  I am happy to speak to someone over the phone for further clarification.

    It is hard to give you an example so late in the year as most of our students have 2 weeks of classes left.  However, when I made the post around October the students were all panicked as the attendance that they could see what for the whole 12 month period when they had only studied for 10 months.

    One of the students was seeing their attendance as 69% (being their Total Attendance) when it was in fact 89% which was their Current Rate.  A lot of the students were very stressed.  The total attendances takes in to account every session that is scheduled for the class, whether is has happened yet or not.  We, and the students believe that it is more relevant for them to see their current rate.


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