System Generated Notes for Contact updates / changes



  • Deb Burley

    This would be a handy feature to track updates to contact details (similar with the workshop log history) so you can see what change was done by which user.  

    Examples of where we might use this is:

    - when there is an address change, knowing when it was done, and does it differ to the last enrolment form we received.

    - keeping a log of old data, ie phone numbers, email addresses etc


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  • Chloe Wilson

    Agreed - We would find this extremely useful. Can already see it implemented when a USI becomes invalid due to changes, so would be great to track all changes like mobile numbers, address, name changes, etc. 


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  • Tomos Clark

    Great post, Gayle.

    While aXc appears to have a log in some areas, it seems to still be lacking one in quite a few critical areas (ie. contact related AVETMISS details).

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