Permission Group - Portfolio (to be able to view a document you can delete it?)




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    Ty Kennedy

    Hi Gayle, 

    Thank you for creating this post in our Ideas Forum. 

    Upon discussing this with our development team, they have made a commitment to revise how the permissions will behave. 

    We are going to remove the ability to delete attachment portfolio items from the Contact Portfolio Update permission and add it to the Contact Portfolio Delete permission. We will also move the ability to view attachments from the Contact Portfolio Update permission to the Contact Portfolio View permission. 

    When this change is due for release it will be included in our release notes here


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  • Gayle Brimble

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 

    Just this morning we have been trying to come up with a workflow of potentially having to attach a scan to a contact notes as well as uploading to portfolio so that everyone who needs access can get it in different places depending on their permissions. Not ideal with a volume of double up but a work around. 

    This news makes me so happy that we just need to upload once, all student files are in the one place and everyone who has view permission to student files can see the required documents but they are kept safe from being deleted. 

    Much appreciated! 

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  • Wes Manuta

    Good morning Gayle,

    An update has been added to the system overnight which further separates the Contact Portfolio View, Update and Delete permissions.

    AX-8890 - Deleting uploaded files on the contact portfolio page now requires the contact portfolio delete permission. Previously, this was controlled by the contact portfolio update permission.

    Other updates/improvements can be read in our Release Notes.

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