Staging Environment - Different Background Colour



  • Gayle Brimble

    YES, YES, YES ........ 

    We have only just launched our LIVE site but I am constantly having to double check I am on the right site before I make changes. I am running reports and can't work out why the right data isn't coming out.   I know the tab are different but when you always have both sites open across multiple tabs it would be far more efficient to be able to see at a glance a soft coloured background to indicate that it was staging.    

    If I have both open, one on each screen I forget if LIVE is on my right or left screen and as you don't need to click a browser tab you don't even realise you may be on the wrong site.  It is not natural to check the tab colour each time, screen yes, tab no. 

    It will definitely stop errors and mistakes occurring among our 100 users! 

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  • Leanne Wilson

    Yes I had given up on the idea and now log in and out of LIVE or STAGING to avoid confusion. If the different colour for Staging was possible it would be a huge benefit and time saver.

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