Calendar View - Multiple Trainers on a session



  • Anthony Cottee

    I couldn't agree more with this issue.  

    We are now having to go back and add complex date trainers to every workshop where more than one trainer was assigned.

    The 'Trainer' edit section when you update the 'extra trainers' initially is what we have used - it seems ridiculous to have to add trainers to both sections - a consolidated section for trainers should be made available.  

    Whilst on it, emailing all trainers from one location would be great - it needs to be a better communication tool for the updated workshop information that might come through...  

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  • Sharon McCulloch

    Definitely agree with this.

    To have more than 1 trainer assigned to the course yet only the main trainer sees it on the calendar is not helpful.

    The added trainers then think the course has been cancelled as its not on their calendar.

    The option of going into the course and changing the trainer just so send them their calendar is not time effective.

    Currently the shortest way is to manually update the calendar when in email format after copying and paste.  Doesn't look the same but its there.

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  • Tahni Littlejohn

    Even just showing additional/secondary trainers for workshops without complex dates would be very helpful! 

    We do not use complex dates but regularly have multiple trainers assigned to a workshop as secondary trainers. Currently only the primary trainer can see the course on the mobile portal so we are unable to use this function at all. Our trainers have to log into a computer to view their roster.

    Booked assets are also not visible in the trainer portal. 

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