VIC Program Supervised Training Activity Completion Date (PSTAC Date) Feedback.




  • David Wylie

    Hi Jade,

    I agree that the PSTAC field should be automatically populated by the actual completion date, but not the expected completion date. The PSTAC is to be reported upon program completion only - it makes no sense to use the expected completion date in any context pertaining to this new Victorian AVETMISS requirement.


    David Wylie


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  • Jade Steffensen

    Hi David, thanks for your feedback. Our interpretation of this field is that it should be reported from commencement of the enrolment based on the following snippets from the VIC documentation:

    • "should reflect the date upon which supervised training and assessment activity is scheduled to complete, in line with the student’s Training Plan" (stats guidelines 2016.2 p166)
    • "Initially this date will be the estimated completion date and will only need to be amended if the Training Plan has changed and a new completion date is being given to the student." (VIC 2016 Fact sheet v.1)

    Currently, the PSTAC Date will pull from the expected completion date if no actual completion date has been supplied, so there is no real change in logic. If you have received any documentation/communication that does not accord with the previously mentioned documentation, please send these through to us for review.

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