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  • Mark Costello

    There was another forum post about this -

    I agree. It would make the resource library much more user friendly. There are a few other improvements to the resource library that would make a big difference:

    1. Ability to easily rename / edit categories
    2. Drag and drop to upload files and move between categories
    3. Ability to archive documents rather than just a delete option
    4. Increase the max file size for documents, 10MB is not enough for a lot of our powerpoints, high res marketing materials, etc.
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  • Claire Fileman

    I agree that it would be a lot more user friendly if we could easily rename / edit categories as this causes a lot of work when setting up the folders and you have a change of mind.

    Instead of main categories being collapsable, the sub categories should be, as you could potentially have multiple sub categories under one main heading.

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  • Anne-Marie Hayes

    I agree. My Resources Library is full and messy and contains a lot of documents from 2015 that I don't need at present, but would like the ability to archive, so I can refer back to when I need.

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  • Karen Lewis

    Agree with everyones' comments above.

    Further to this, to be able to drag and drop the category names into a specific order you wish the students to see them. Currently, if you name them they seem to be in alphabetical order but something like "Student Information" I would like to move to the top of the list. 

    Also, are you able to not change the version number if you make a change? E.g. if I just altered the text of the category name from lower case to upper case, it changes the version number of my resource. That isn't helpful as it isn't an actual resource revision. If I put the revision number back to what it was, it says that if I make a change, the revision number has to change. 

    I did add some sub-categories in but I couldn't see them in the Learner Portal either. Do they pull through to Learner Portal or are the sub categories just for the back end?


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