Reporting Workshop Attendance



  • Michael Ryan

    Hi Rachelle
    The part of our database that supports attendance is made up of a complex arrangement of tables and relationships. The reason we do not allow this in the live reports is because querying on this data could require massive amounts of computing power, particularly if a date range filter is not used.
    Running such reports could be disruptive to other aXcelerate users so we aggregate this data overnight and house it in our cached database for 'warehoused' reports.

    There may be some other solutions to what you are looking for however so if you can provide some more information regarding your requirements we may be able to help you.
    E.g. Are you looking for attendance just for the day for one particular workshop, or many workshops at a time? Is it for accredited enrolments, and if so, are the students enrolled in more than one session each day? Are the students in different classes? Finally, are you just needing the current day? If not, what timespan are you looking to report for?

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  • Rachelle SAMMUT

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your reply. All I am after is an attendance report from one instance of a workshop.

    IE> when I go to a workshop, click on the 'view/mark attendance'. I would like a report (excel format including first name, last name and email address) of who is marked as 'yes'.

    Is that possible?

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  • Havinah Jokhoo

    Can we have a "attendance view mode" for a workshop, similar to the class attendance mode.

    Basically, a complete view of the number of workshops that was attended.

    As we have rolling intake, the class attendance mode does not give us an accurate view of all the students in a particular workshop.

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