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  • Cindy Geyer

    It's also a problem that the CC doesn't receive any attachments you have sent in the email when sending from Templates, and they receive this message which wouldn't be appropriate if the CC is to a contact external to the organisation (e.g. the employer):

    "Dear XXX,

    The following Template:

    [template content appears here]

    Has been successfully sent to the following contact(s):

    • [ALL contact names in the bulk email are listed here]
    • ...

    aXcelerate system generated email

    [aXcelerate logo]"


    Whereas when sending from Merge Docs the attachment IS sent to the CC, albeit with this message that would also not be appropriate for external contacts:

    "The email below has been copied to you by aXcelerate user []. This email was sent to [contact's name/s] (1 recipient/s). Please note: Contact specific URLs within the email will only work for the intended recipient.

    [email content appears here]



    Would be great to see some more work done in this area to improve the communications (and records) functions of aXcelerate.

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  • Louise Edwards

    Attachments not being attached for CC is an issue.

    BCC is also needed

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