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    Rowan Carley

    Hi Calvin,
    Thanks for submitting this question!
    There is functionality to do this within aXcelerate currently.
    You can do this from the Send as Template section of the Finance Management page.
    To do this follow these steps:
    - Select Send as Template
    - Chose the template to be used for the Invoice and Submit. This template will be sent in PDF format.
    - Select the email option
    - Select the template to be used as the content of your email from the email content field.
    - Select Send

    Please let me know if you have any further questions on this.

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  • Michelle Barry

    Great idea!

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  • Calvin Young

    Hi Rowan,

    Thanks for those instructions that's perfect. Is it possible to do this for other templates as well? We email template confirmation of enrolments which we would love to send as attachments as well.

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