Add Forms and Policies/Info to Learner Portal



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    Rowan Carley

    Hi Mark,
    Thank You for submitting this suggestion.
    After investigating, it appears that the Forms and Policies/Info should show in the new portal as well as the old. I will continue my investigation of this through the support system so that we can investigate your account settings further to ensure everything is set up correctly.

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  • Mary Lia

    I was told today that if we give students access to resources via the Student Portal they can access ALL resources in the Forms and Policies/Info section of the Resource Library regardless of whether they are set to "Student" or "Public" accessibility.

    Students should not have access to staff specific resources (e.g. internal facing policy/procedure and work instructions on how to handle student issues).  

    This is a concern and forces us to either:
    a) remove all internal facing resources to another location outside of aX (not palatable as we want aX to be our single source of truth)
    b) not give students access to resources via the portal and instead point them to yet another site where we list resources we want them to have access to (by making those resources public and copying the public URL).

    Neither of these options make good business sense to us.

    Why have the option to set accessibility to Student if that makes no difference in the Student Portal! Very Frustrating


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