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    Jade Steffensen

    Hi Rowan,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently working on implementing a new calendar framework in axcelerate. This will be quite different to the existing calendar feature, however we will keep this feedback in mind during development.

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  • Rowan Lehr

    Thanks Jade. Look forward to it

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  • Jeremy Rota

    Just wondering what the timeframe on this is? to add to this feature request:

    1 Google apps/calendar integration would be fantastic (top priority) including notifications. Multiple shared calendars etc.

    1. The ability for the user to set default views and filters for their calendar that don't change (if it behaves as it does now so you can filter out training or unwanted events permanently without having to choose the calendar each time)

    2. The ability for students/clients to book webinars, consultations, or trainig events based on dates we make available. (ie email or hyperlink with proposed dates available and they choose which one/ones they want)

    3. Marking events as completed. (This used to be achieved by a strike through but this functionality was removed)

    4. Drag to move events on day, week and month views

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  • Jade Steffensen

    Thanks for the suggestions Jeremy.

    • Google apps/calendar integration: This is something that we may look into for a future phase of the calendar development.
    • Default filters/views: We hope to achieve this by storing the user's current filter choices in the browser so that it is remembered between page loads.
    • Bookings from list of available dates: This is not currently planned for calendar re-development project, however it may be possible to achieve something similar with our APIs.
    • Marking events as complete: This was removed to ease the transition to the new calendar framework, however we would be interested in hearing your use cases for this feature, with the possibility of implementing a similar type of flag in future.
    • Drag and drop events: All events will be able to be dragged and dropped with the new calendar framework.
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