Use Preferred Name in Merge Docs



  • Jeremy Rota

    I find a number of inconsistencies with the preferred v first name. I agree with this suggestion and think it is a good idea, I would also add that the preferred name needs to be better implemented across the whole system.

    I.e emailing notes etc, you can only search by preferred name. The emailed note addresses the preferred name, where the merge docs uses only the first name.

    When searching in the quick search, if you search for a preferred name that is a lot different to the actual name like preferred name Bruce, actual name Vivian and there are more than 10 records you will never find it. Also if you type the preferred name and any letter of the last name you will not find the student.

    If you go to the contact search page as is suggested as the better option, the search fields on the left don't mention the preferred name, but you can tick the display field on the right. This doesn't add that column as ticking the other display options do, but it suffixes the preferred name, and you can type a preferred name in the first name search field to find it. Counter intuitive to the point that you may never figure it out.

    These are just a few examples,

    I would suggest:

    1. Use the preferred name everywhere when it is provided and use the contact first name if it isn't.
    2. Suffix the preferred name in the quick search and order the searches by preferred name not first name. (add more than the first 10 to display.
    3. Under contacts >search contacts add the preferred name option in the search criteria fields by adding a tick box by the first name that says "include preferred name" again suffix and order by the preferred name.

    Im sure there are more things to add to this list but these are the ones I know of.

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  • Pip Austin

    I completely agree with these two comments.
    An email note uses the preferred name but you can not search for a preferred name so this is actually completely counter-productive and makes zero sense.
    When a note comes through you have to spend extra time trying to locate the contact because of this feature.
    Perhaps if it is too difficult to allow the system to enable users to search by preferred name then you could display the names on email notes as they are shown in aXcelerate with both the preferred and first name. "Mike" Michael Smith.

    There seems to be a real lack of consistency in the system in regards to preferred names which is quite frustrating and time consuming.

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