linking notes to follow up tasks



  • Michelle Barry

    When setting follow ups we use specific colours. We have a document called the 'Follow Up Colour Coding Chart'. When looking at staff specific follow ups we can get a quick snapshot on what's going on based on these colours. However, unfortunately these colours do not export to CSV or PDF.

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  • Helen Arnold

    Did this idea get any movement? I have been adding follow up tasks but find the same, when you open the follow up task there is very little information in it. Is it possible to automatically copy the note description into the task description?

    There is no guarantee that the 'last note entered' will be relevant to the reason for the follow up task by the time it is due.

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  • Calvin Young

    Still doesn't appear to be any movement on this as yet. I think these are the major issues:

    1. There's no link to navigate directly to the contact profile from the follow up task
    2. It displays the 'Last Contact Note' but this is not necessarily the note that was recorded when the follow up was set. Meaning that it's difficult to know what the actionable task was at the time the user made the follow up.
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  • Pip Austin

    We are encountering a similar issue. we've been using follow up notes more and more but when the reminder is emailed there are no details, so you need to click the link to see what it is regarding.

    Then if other notes have been added to the system, you have to use your detective skills to compare the date the follow-up task was created and who created it.


    An option could be to link back to the file note that the follow-up task was created against, so you can easily reference it - as that is how it appears we are creating the follow-ups. Like Calvin has suggested.


    Or when you create the follow-up task, have the option to automatically copy the text from the note to the task note. As suggested on this idea I have linked in, as I feel it aligns.

    I notice that when you add a task note, that you have the option to add it as a contact note, so it would be great to have this work the other way as well.


    Another point is when you set a reminder, no information comes through on that reminder - hence you have to go to the follow-up, then investigate what the reminder is regarding.

    I would love to see the reminder include either the task description, task note or a reference to the original file note.


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  • Pip Austin

    This idea allows feels like it is along the same vein as this thread.

    Having more information syncing and displaying the same across these areas can improve efficiency and reduce the need for detective skills to determine what the follow up is for.

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  • Robert Kerr

    Having the ability to create a follow up from a contact note is great but it serves no purpose when it just creates a generic follow up. It would be great if when follow up is pressed on the contact note  it created the follow up with the Contact Note Name as the follow up name, and there was a way to click the contact note to go to the follow up.

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  • Nikhil Saxena

    Came across this thread searching for a solution to this exact problem.

    Not sure why you can't link the contact note that the follow up was created from.

    Especially considering that there's no information displayed on the follow up.

    The two images below highlight the issue. I've created two notes with follow ups. Users aren't able to discern which relates to which note. Clicking into the follow up presents no information.

    I think a solution would be to pull the note or type and insert that after Follow Up:

    As clicking into the follow up displays the client contact name in the marketing section anyway.




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