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    Mark Gilmore

    Hi Everyone

    I have copied Julian's recent comment that he posted here.

    Hey Everyone,

    We've added support for linking events and workshops from aXcelerate to Google Calendar. This is currently available in the Staging environment and is planned to be live in our next release on the 11th of August. At this stage this improvement is just for Google, but support for Outlook Calendar will be considered as an improvement we may implement in the future. 

    The integration can be enabled in your account from the Web & Other Integrations tab of your system settings which you can read more about here. We encourage you to go check it out and hope you enjoy using it. 



    Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback. I will close this post now - please continue any discussions on the other thread.
    Kind Regards
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  • Josh Nixon

    I knew I'd seen and agreed with this a while ago, but found myself wishing a lot this morning that this was a live feature... >>

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  • Ella Cornock

    Hi Jeremy, 

    We appreciate your input into our Ideas Forum. You are currently able to export your aXcelerate calendar to your device's native calendar app using our aXcelerate Trainer App.

    In regard to doing this also for aXcelerate desktop, your suggestion sounds simple enough, however, to achieve a proper implementation and consistency across the entire system we would need to allocate a significant amount of development time.

    We will continue to monitor the popularity of this post.

    Warmest regards,

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  • Rick Gill

    Beyond the Trainers this also needed for the business development side (which don't use the trainer app). No need to reinvent the wheel there are plenty of iaas solutions out there.. eg

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  • Mary Lia

    Agree.  Our staff can find it frustrating needing to align several calendars.  This applies to non-Trainers as well so only having the export functionality via trainer app doesn't meet half the business' needs.  

    Would need to support Outlook as well as Google Calendar as many people still use Microsoft Office (365) 

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