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    Wes Manuta

    Good morning all,

    An update has been added to the system overnight which further separates the Contact Portfolio View, Update and Delete permissions.

    AX-8890 - Deleting uploaded files on the contact portfolio page now requires the contact portfolio delete permission. Previously, this was controlled by the contact portfolio update permission.

    Other updates/improvements can be read in our Release Notes.

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  • Christina Steadman

    Yes, this would help!

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  • Pip Austin

    This would be good

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  • Gayle Brimble

    EDIT:  I note this seems to have been updated for different permission levels (Just checked after being on leave for 10 days)


    We have important evidence or documents uploaded to this area that most staff need access to VIEW but we do not want them to have the ability to be able to change or delete.   

    Our only alternative is for us to upload the evidence into contact notes but these then get lost in volumes of notes PLUS the online enrolment form automatically uploads to portfolio so does not eliminate this issue.  

    Portfolio should definitely have VIEW, Add, Change and Delete as micro permission levels through the system.  

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