Recurring events in the calendar




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    Rod Staines

    Good afternoon All,

    I am going to close comments on this suggestion and link to a similar and more recent post that has a higher number of votes.

    If you haven't already, please add a comment or vote to the post linked above.

    Kind regards,

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  • Helen Arnold

    Definitely agree. Plus the ability to duplicate an event.

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  • Lindsay Smith

    I am new user and am loving axcelerate,  but calendar is missing some really useful functions.    I don't even know how people coped prior to the recent updates 

    Really need the recurring events feature to happen as soon as possible to save
    a) data entry time and potential errors 
    b) accidentally double booking across standing appointments more distant future dates 

    Ability to duplicate events would also be useful

    and the ability to export to ical or google calendar  or a calendar app would be AMAZING  as I am currently running two calendars and has already proved to be dangerous. 


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