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    Rod Staines

    Hi Ben,

    I'm updating you today to advise that we have completed your suggestion. Please see our release notes:

    • AX-6905 - We have introduced a new workflow action, Send Contact SMS. This action will allow SMSing to be part of report-triggered automated tasks.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Kind regards,

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  • Andrew Russell

    This feature would be extremely helps to notify people that and email has been sent. We have a large cohort that does not check emails so this option would be great to notify that and email has been sent.

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  • Rod Staines

    Hi Ben,

    We have had 'Send General SMS' on our development roadmap for some time and have now prioritised this task for this quarter.

    Please keep an eye on our release notes, however, I will also create an update here once completed.

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